6 Best Looking RVs For That Stylish Getaway

6 Best Looking RVs For That Stylish Getaway

Recreational vans or RVs offer a different yet exciting lifestyle when you’re outdoors. RVs come in different shapes and sizes – so people don’t run out of options which RVs they would choose.

Campers (especially RV enthusiasts) don’t only buy an RV because of amenities.  Some travelers also prefer the best looking RVs in the market. Well, choices of best looking recreational vans are endless but don’t worry!

I’ll narrow down your picks among 6 Best Looking RVs that don’t only have an attractive design but also has fantastic amenities as well.

Let’s dive in.

Scamp Trailer

For newbie camper’s, Scamp Trailer is worth the investment. This excellent small travel trailer doesn’t only have an aerodynamic design but also lightweight. You can tow the trailer easily with your SUV or car.

Since it’s lightweight, there’s less drag when towing the trailer. Scamp Trailer has a fiberglass body that makes it durable.

Campers or travelers are free to choose three different trailer lengths – 19 feet to 13 feet. I like the 19 feet because it can accommodate larger groups. But for a small family, the 13 feet trailer length works fine. The trailer’s interior is very spacious for families, so even the shortest length promises comfort on camping trips.


  • Customizable interior
  • Foldable table or bed
  • Convertible sofa
  • Aerodynamic design

Travel Lite Aura

Travel Lite Aura combines traditional and modern design in one. You have nine different model choices to choose from that come with nine-floor plans as well.

The travel trailers’ interior is attractive and fits the category of “luxurious trailers.” Enjoy a comfortable sleep in the trailer’s queen-size bed. {I’m amazed there are slider windows on each side of the bed). It adds to excellent ventilation inside the trailer.

If the sleeping area is amazing, the kitchen will catch your attention too! You’ll see a refrigerator, stove, sink, and overhead cabinets. The secret drawers are so cool because of these more spacious vibes to the kitchen.

One thing I don’t like about Travel Lite Aura is it’s a little pricey. Well, that’s a drawback for campers on a budget. If you think about the trailer’s outer shell material, amenities and design, Travel Life Aura is worth your money.


  • Spacious interior
  • Luxurious style kitchen
  • Attractive bed
  • Convertible sofa
  • Hidden drawers

Airstream Classic

Lots of luxurious travel trailers are on sale on the market. But one of the largest in the Airstream Classic. The luxurious travel trailer packs with (of course) amazing features. The trailer’s luxurious interior and exterior design is a good example.

If you plan to spend weeks camping with your friends, Airstream Classic offers you the full-time lifestyle you want. Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies with HD TV. I’m amazed at using a single click. You can shift to cinema mode on the TV.

Airstream Classic has a superb metallic finish that reflects its aerodynamic design. Not bad for an RV. Despite its long length, Airstream Classic gives less drag when you tow it. That’s good news because you can save fuel during your travels.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Metallic outer finish
  • Spacious interior
  • HD TV
  • Four different floor plans

Roadtrek Simplicity

Do you know what most campers want when they’re traveling – a simple but fantastic adventure. That clearly defines what Roadtrek Simplicity is all about. The small but luxurious van gives you tons of features that you would enjoy.

Great examples of these are the spacious storage, space, AC, and heating system. Don’t worry when you want to prepare snacks because Roadtrek Simplicity has an amazing kitchen that’s also equipped with reliable features such as a fridge and sink.

Campers can regulate the temperature inside the trailer, so no worries if you plan your camping trip during the rainy or summer season. But the only drawback I see is the van can only accommodate 2 to 4 people inside. Nevertheless, Roadtrek Simplicity is still perfect for campers who want to have fun outdoors.

Features /Amenities

  • Large storage space
  • Excellent seating
  • Convertible sofa
  • Luxurious kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Heating system

Eriba Touring Trailer

Simple is luxurious, and that defines the Eriba Touring Trailer. Simplicity comes with awesome perks, especially if you’re inside Eriba. The best looking trailer has a king-size bed, kitchen, bathroom, and spacious interior.

For additional coziness and comfort, Eriba Touring Trailer has LED lighting, a heater, and an AC system. You wouldn’t think you’re camping once you’re inside this trailer.

Another thing I like about Eriba is it has a generator and battery that are very reliable when you don’t have an available power source in the woods. For 26,000 bucks, Eriba Touring Trailer’s features are worth it!


  • Large interior space
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Large Bed
  • Heater
  • Air conditioner
  • LED lighting

Jayco Hummingbird

Hummingbird is sincere when it comes to quality and reliability. The brand doesn’t disappoint its customers in producing its latest travel trailers – Jayco Hummingbird. If you’re a lightweight trailer enthusiast, you won’t go wrong with Jayco.

Jayco has a simple design but boosts interior features for all campers. You’ll see a gallery, convertible bed, sink, microwave oven, burner stove, and fridge.

The trailer’s bathroom is attractive too! Feel free to use a linen closet, shower, and toilet. If that’s not enough to satisfy you, turn on the LED lights and go outside. You can level up your camping atmosphere because of the multicolored LED lighting.

Jayco Hummingbird is an amazing RV that doesn’t only surprise you with its looks but makes your camping trip memorable.

I hope you’ll find the best looking RV among these top 6 picks. Prepare and enjoy your upcoming camping trip with the whole family while inside the best looking campers on this list.

Embrace what nature has to offer as you travel in style and comfort.  Experience a fun and memorable travel adventure outside!

Remember: A fun camping trip isn’t complete without a reliable and quality RV to take you anywhere you go!

Have fun, and enjoy it!

Why A Bass Guitar Is A Must Have Fashion Accessory

Bass Guitar

You can of course decorate your home the traditional way, with photos, paintings, or murals. But what about using instruments, such as a bass guitar for beginners. Not only are they cost-effective, but they can look fantastic.

Decorate Your Home With a Bass Guitar

If like me, you love music, despite not having a musical bone in your body, why not show your love for the art by displaying a classic electric or bass guitar on your wall.  It’s a fantastic way to pay tribute to your favorite band, musician, or any musicians you have in your family.

If you’re lucky, then you might already have a spare guitar lying around, or perhaps you’ve managed to pick one up for cheap from a second-hand store.  For everyone else, it’s time to look online.  And, if you’re going to pick one up, you may as well as get something half decent just in case the urge to play takes you. Perhaps it’ll even inspire you to begin your musical journey.

Read on to find out how to decorate with an electric bass guitar.

How To Decorate A Wall With a Guitar

Decorating a wall with a guitar is easy as learning how to hang one.  The video below does a great job of explaining exactly what to do:

You might find some guides online that suggest taking the guitar apart, sanding down, removing the strings and all sorts of other things.  I would advise against that.  Chances are you’ll end up damaging the guitar beyond repair.

If you’d really like to create a special look, try mounting multiple guitars, or other musical instruments as well, such as a Mandolin.

This is a perfect idea if you have a music room, or if you’re looking to encourage your kids to begin playing.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we have some fantastic looking music rooms below.

Music Room Ideas

Top 10 Fashion Tips for 2020

With the arrival of the new year also comes from new trends in fashion and as we say goodbye to all that was in 2019 (a lot of shorts, knee socks, leather lace, and cut the clothes) now say hello to fashion trends and tips for 2020. Below are the 10 top tips for the best fashion advice you can give to anyone at any time of year.

Choose Clothes That Fit Your Body

No matter what brand clothing trends and fashion-forward buying if it will not compliment your body, then you better put it back on the grid store!

In Jewelry: Less is Not Always More

(For men) should not be further customized, use no more than 3 pieces of jewelry. Silver is becoming very popular these days, so you might want to invest.

(For women) Less is not always more especially during the summer, you can customize summer clothes with big and bold accessories. Wooden beads and citrus-colored bracelets are a good sight during the summer.

In the Winter: Accessorize!

During cold weather add a little pop of color to the outdoors, you can customize with sweaters and scarves, make sure to match your team though! Try to mix and match things if you are wearing tight jeans right then a big sweater will be a good contrast and complement their thin legs.

Keep Your Shoes and Belts Looking Again:

Shoes and belts can catch the attention of others to make sure you invest in a good pair of shoes and a nice belt and make sure they are kept clean and bright – there is nothing worse than a pair of muddy boots combined with a fancy dress!

If You Look The Part Then You Have to Smell The Part.

There is no use in looking great if you smell something like the cat dragged in. So if you take the time and invest in what you are using and what will then make sure you add some good perfume, cologne or aftershave.

Skinny Jeans Are Still On!

Yes! Skinny jeans are still on! Especially with Katy Perry singing “Let’s put your hands on me in my skin-tight pants, so do not throw your skinny jeans yet! Nothing is as free as a good pair of high-waisted, ankle exposed, tight jeans.

The Dancer is in The Spotlight!

With films like “The Black Swan ‘win fashion, fashion inspired by the ballet is sure to make your own fashion in the fashion industry. Since joint dancers inspired tutus and tights, we will be seeing a lot of dancers in this year.

Summer Fashion Tips:

In the summer be sure to wear loose clothing that is made of natural fabrics and colors, printed caftan would be doing a wave of this year. For a bit of style and functionality, a wide-brimmed hat will keep UV rays away hard and keep you looking stylish.

Add Color in The Winter:

Spring color sweater should add some color during the winter white. Be sure to bring warm clothing printed glossy-only to have it mixed with all the snow.

Search Online!

For the latest fashion news and trends, always check online, this is the most updated fashion information. Also, try to look and see what celebrities are wearing these days. On the one hand, everyone I mean everyone will be looking at what the future princess Kate Middleton takes “in order to try and see what she’s wearing and buy quickly before the stores run out!

Stylish Poloshirts for Fashion in Demand

With the change in pattern and style, your clothing collection also gets changed. All of us want to put on something stylish and relaxed that meets us. Whether you are getting out with your loved ones or to your office, you need to give much attention to your looks, and this can only be done if you have ideal wearing feeling. Remember, an excellent wearing feeling shows your character.

Selection of outfits should be according to the quality of material, design, and style. Clothing is one of the favorite items of the gents style clothing collection. The industry is full of a lot of tops available in different shades, sizes, styles. Poloshirt is one of the most well-known design declarations as they are quite stylish and relaxed. This can add great design and class to your character, makes you look more eye-catching. These tops are swaying in the marketplace for many years. Modern polo-shirts are elegant and flexible can use with Bermuda and types of denim. Gives you an informal and smart look and formal look with khakis and types of denim. The development of short-sleeved shirt with receiver and placket combined with icon sets the pattern to become a style declaration.

Cotton polo shirts remain well-known even though with the option of other affordable options. These are used by business companies, players and other hard-working workers. The material provides help to promote easy water loss and therefore guaranteeing dry and relaxed feeling. You will find these tops to be anti-aging free and resilient even after many cleansers.

One can embrace this use to his workers. Create your organization name and company brand name and it will convert into sufficient advertising. By doing this you are creating an excellent response on your targeted viewers as they will view your organization reliable as well as decent. Use this use in various business exhibitions, activities, workshops, displays.

Customized Poloshirts are also ideal for several outdoor activities such as organization sports celebrations, business gatherings, team development activities. Combined with air easily streaming in our bodies helps in managing temperature. Perform some best on the internet search and select the one that meets your design and look. You will get thousands of types on the internet from which you can save your money both. A thorough and comprehensive look will confirm to be beneficial in searching the most precise design declaration for yourself. Some websites will provide you heavy reductions on your shopping.

Fashionable Trendy Accessories

women cosmetics and fashion items isolated on pink background, Top view

With the improved need for outfits learners and celebration guests of all age groups are experiencing their night time out more by wearing up in outfits. Finding the most unique concept is key for the look of their own outfits variety from past years to animated figures.

With the Nineteen-eighties era has been a newest hit for ravers from European nations and globally and enjoy the components like fluorescent headbands, bracelets and other shiny trendy outfits. With the team moments across the world experiencing the 80′s vintage celebration look.

Wristbands – The spot on pattern accessory

Without a question the fluorescent bracelets are the style symbol the 80′s. There are many types of bracelets along with a wide variety of general fluorescent head artists and bracelets. The nasty bracelets are the most common and come in a incredible traditional options, colors and designs. Generally any concept or design can be carried out with a little creativity and a stick gun.

They can be used conventional or improvised a little. They can come designed with anything you can desire up all you need is a little creativity. Customize them for members of the team or concept around the evening out the choice is limitless.

Any general style outfits company has signed up with the outfits liberation to keep up with the need to complete shop racks and need to keep stock levels of bracelets and other products due to products which include the awesome guy bracelets. Looking into the night clubs delayed into the evening for the next ornament is crucial to the success of regional business owners and merchants like Wholesale headbands.

Local companies engaged in this market has been accepted by all. The increase of bracelets and similar products being made to match the latest products of the times. The include for the headbands, bracelets, outfits and 80s connected accessories have assisted many small nations through the newest economic climate situation.

80s style bracelets are very cheap to buy and because they come in so many variety of colors can be combined and matched making them an ideal of entirety to your clothing. Because they are so cost-effective you can have many bracelets to add that extra bit of 80s cheesiness. You could be the covet of all your friends with a little effort you can make an cost-effective bracelet into an expensive looking equipment.

Bartender Kits: What Everyone Needs

In order to be good in anything, you will need to have access to the right tools and the same thing applies to bartending as well. If you do not have the correct bar tools, it will impact the taste and quality of your drinks. The time you have to spend on customer service will go up and ultimately, you will be making a lot less in tips (this also means less sales). It may be a little confusing when you are starting out as a bartender in the business to pick out the right kind of bartending supplies. It sometimes gets very difficult to tell as to what exactly is needed and what has been put out there just for the show.

 If you are going to be bartending at some established pub, club or bar, you will however need access to professional bar tools from the very start – the ones that can really stand the abuse which the bartending tools have to go through while doing the job. However, if you are just going to be doing a thing at a home-based bar, then you would do just fine by going for the very basic of the bartending tools, you will not need to pay much attention to the durability aspect of your tools, you will need to paying more focus on aesthetics. 

The bar towels

If you have ever been to a bar, you may have noticed how messy the things can get on either side of the bar area. Now if you do not have a bar towel close to your hand, you will be just left cursing the dirty hands you now have, the bar top that has gotten sticky and the filthy tips you will have at the end of the night. So, make sure you are never found without bar towels that are close by when you need to reach out for them. Make sure you have one on your station, one behind the bar and that you are cleaning the bar top at all times. You should also make sure that you have a dry bar towel close by for polishing glasses when they come out of the glass washer.

Bar mix pourers

These juice pourers and bar mix pourers are amazing when you are looking for look, speed, taste and freshness. The lesser used juices like grapefruit and pineapple cannot be left in the large cans after they have been opened for long periods of time. Also, it will not make you a whole lot of money if you keep running back and forth to the refrigerator for juices and mixes. Make use of these containers and keep them filled with your most often used mixes and juices and make the best of your service time as a bartender.

There are a lot more things you will need to get started. Most stores sell them as sets so you do not have to go looking for each individual item.

The Attraction Towards Wine

Ernest Hemingway very rightly said that there is something enigmatic around the charisma of wine that pulls a person toward it like nothing else. One is always attracted to it by its so many attributes. Be it the aromatic smell, the alluring and captivating texture, the smooth taste one feels as it gets washed down the throat, the persistence and whatnot. It can also be used as a measure to differentiate kids and adults. Where kids and teens drink and binge on hard liquor, adults find their solace in their wines. Adults know wine having decided upon one by satisfying their curiosity by tasting various possible wines.


Nobody knows how exactly nectar-the drink of the gods’ tastes, but it would not incorrect to assume that it would possibly have a taste along the lines of the various wines that one sees around today. For those who refute this statement, then at least you can fall in line with the fact that it is the most gentlemen of drinks. Soft, sober and above all, does not make you all pumped up and violent. Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir etc. are just some names from the plethora of types of wine that exist in the world for one to try.


The storage of the drink of the gods should also be done in a manner that’s befitting for a god. Using a decanter for the same does not only ease in the pouring of your wine, but also facilitates in refining its taste. There’s a reason why old and aged wines have a finer taste as compared to something just out of the winery. Storing and decanting increase the exposure of the wine to atmospheric oxygen leading to richer tastes. Understanding the same fact, designers and manufacturers have come up with various elegant and classy designs for decanters to store and contain your prized possession such as:

  • Swan
  • Cornett
  • Duck
  • Standard
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


Wine decanters are majorly made out of 2 materials only, viz. Glass and Crystal; owing to their transparent nature. Metal and stainless steel are generally avoided just because they eradicate the pleasure of enjoying the clarity, color, and brilliance of the wine while sipping it.

Both glass and crystal decanters come in various elegant and artistic designs for you to choose from. Crystal ones are however more durable as compared to the glass counterparts, though glass decanters are much easier to wash and maintain.


Only a wine lover and connoisseur can understand the thrill and feel while buying out a bottle from the store or straight from a winery, and thus a decanter is the best and most exquisite gift that anyone or they themselves can gift to them. Also, decanting the same increases the taste of your already sweet wine to whole other levels, thus enhancing the overall drinking experience.