The Attraction Towards Wine

Ernest Hemingway very rightly said that there is something enigmatic around the charisma of wine that pulls a person toward it like nothing else. One is always attracted to it by its so many attributes. Be it the aromatic smell, the alluring and captivating texture, the smooth taste one feels as it gets washed down the throat, the persistence and whatnot. It can also be used as a measure to differentiate kids and adults. Where kids and teens drink and binge on hard liquor, adults find their solace in their wines. Adults know wine having decided upon one by satisfying their curiosity by tasting various possible wines.


Nobody knows how exactly nectar-the drink of the gods’ tastes, but it would not incorrect to assume that it would possibly have a taste along the lines of the various wines that one sees around today. For those who refute this statement, then at least you can fall in line with the fact that it is the most gentlemen of drinks. Soft, sober and above all, does not make you all pumped up and violent. Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir etc. are just some names from the plethora of types of wine that exist in the world for one to try.


The storage of the drink of the gods should also be done in a manner that’s befitting for a god. Using a decanter for the same does not only ease in the pouring of your wine, but also facilitates in refining its taste. There’s a reason why old and aged wines have a finer taste as compared to something just out of the winery. Storing and decanting increase the exposure of the wine to atmospheric oxygen leading to richer tastes. Understanding the same fact, designers and manufacturers have come up with various elegant and classy designs for decanters to store and contain your prized possession such as:

  • Swan
  • Cornett
  • Duck
  • Standard
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


Wine decanters are majorly made out of 2 materials only, viz. Glass and Crystal; owing to their transparent nature. Metal and stainless steel are generally avoided just because they eradicate the pleasure of enjoying the clarity, color, and brilliance of the wine while sipping it.

Both glass and crystal decanters come in various elegant and artistic designs for you to choose from. Crystal ones are however more durable as compared to the glass counterparts, though glass decanters are much easier to wash and maintain.


Only a wine lover and connoisseur can understand the thrill and feel while buying out a bottle from the store or straight from a winery, and thus a decanter is the best and most exquisite gift that anyone or they themselves can gift to them. Also, decanting the same increases the taste of your already sweet wine to whole other levels, thus enhancing the overall drinking experience.